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The Safety Requirements of Main Parts of Mold Parts
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    Many friends have many not understand knowledge about the main parts of mold parts and inserts, function and safety requirements. Today, I will analyze it for you. Let everybody know more about the safety requirements of main parts of mold parts.
    1.Punch-die is the work parts directly making blank forming. Therefore, It is the key part of mold. Punch-die is not only precise but also complex. It should meet the following requirements: A. It should have sufficient strength, and can't fracture or break in the stamping process. B. It should have proper requirements to its material and heat treatment, to prevent the high hardness and brittleness.
    2.Positioning parts are the parts to determine the installation position, including positioning pin (plate), block pin (plate), guide pin, guide plate, distance side knife, lateral pressure and etc. When design positioning parts, you should consider the convenient operation. And it should not be excessive positioned. Its position should be convenient for observation. It had better use push-forward orientation and the orientation of outer profile and guide pin orientation, etc.
    3.Guide pins and guide sleeves of guide parts are the most widely used guide parts. Its role is to ensure that the punch-die have a precision fit clearance when punching. Therefore, the gap of guide pins and guide sleeves should be smaller  than the cutting clearance.
    The above is the the safety requirements of main parts of mold parts. If you want to know more about mold parts related parts, you can continue to learn it.

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