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Precision mold parts processing requirements
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     Precision mold parts processing including design, parts manufacturing, standard parts procurement, mold assembly and testing, and so on. The main task of the research on the manufacturing of precision mould parts is to discuss the possibility of mould manufacturing, and to solve the problem of how to make the mold. A mold is made of several parts, low cost, short period, high quality is the fundamental way out for the precision mold parts processing. Cost, cycle and quality are the main economic and technical indicators of the mold manufacturing. These three indicators can not be considered separately, it should be a comprehensive analysis, to make the design, manufacture and use these three aspects of coordination. In the design, not only to consider the function of precision mold parts, but also fully consider the feasibility of the manufacturing plan. Manufacturing to meet the design requirements, and guide users to use. In addition to the design and production, but also need to understand the use of features, making the design of the use of functions to meet the premise of production.
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