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YIZE mold components 2016-2017 year-end dinner
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    In 2016, the train slowly came to an end, followed by quietly came in 2017, we YIZE mold components will usher in the Chinese New year. Here we decided to hold the president of YIZE mold components 2016-2017 year-end dinner, all members of their family members, business partners invited all members of YIZE mold components,  had dinner at the hotel near the company. All the people share the achievements of 2016 labor, the future outlook for 2017. Below I introduce friends to the party process. The main dance entertainment, lucky draw, executive summary and outlook, Thanksgiving link. All come and say
    1. party is ready, buddies in advance to decorate the venue, you have worked hard for us, thank you!
    2. the prologue, "decorated" opening dance opened YIZE mold components 2016-2017 annual dinner, then the main speech and invited us president published a year summary and outlook for the future.
    3. dance celebration, with the female vocalist with their passion songs add to the fun, led the entire atmosphere, there are YIZE members and their families are singing and dancing, lively atmosphere, the magician performing magic, game etc..
    4. draw the link, it is expected to draw the link finally arrived, a total of four awards were set up, the first prize of the 2, the other prize of the 6, the three prize and other awards, such as the four prize, the prize is rich in 10, and so on, the top 10 prizes.
    5. the recognition of the link, mainly for the reward of outstanding employees, 5 and 10 years and the company's efforts to fight the family's recognition, thanks to their contribution to the precision mold components of YZIE products.
    6.we YIZE mold components 2016-2017 year-end dinner for the song"tomorrow will be better" to end, and we YIZE all the members of the mold together photo.

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