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The mobilization meeting of YIZE
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      We all know that only by constantly updating the concept, the enterprise can develop sustainedly, for this reason, YIZE held a mobilization meeting about"adhering to the principle" , let's take a look at it ~
      The center of the meeting is "principle" and how to make YIZE become the first-line mould parts manufacturer. The chairman of YIZE---MR.Wang cited examples about the production operation to talk about production according to the principle of production.Examples that relevant person in charge of YIZE made employees can more deeply understand the importance of adhering to the principle and made them worked towards the goal of first-line mould parts manufacturer.


      As a professional mold parts supplier,YIZE is strict with ourselves in all aspects and constantly improve in order to give customers a better experience, . I believe that through the mobilization meeting,YIZE will be better and better!

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