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Exposing the development of automatic machine
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     Since China joined WTO,the exchanges between China and other countries in the fields of economy,trade,culture,production and technology have been becoming more and more close,and the development of automatic machine has become increasingly prominent,here is the related information.

      Since 80s,due to the promotion of CNC machine,the western industrial obtain revolutionary advances in equipment level,processing range,processing quality and production efficiency,which has improved the level of industry,and has played a key role,therefore,it has greatly widened the gap between developed and developing countries.In our country, the overall benefit level of machinery industry has declined continuously for many years,and this gap is especially obvious.



      At present,the development of Chinese numerical control technology and equipment should mainly proceed with the following aspects:
1.High speed and high efficiency
2.High precision
3.High reliability

      According to the development of automatic machine,China should actively encourage the popularization and research of the numerical control machine,as well as the automatic machine sales,so that Chinese CNC technology can not only catch up with the world level,but also catch up with it.

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