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Main problems in large mold processing
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      With the rapid development of automobile industry, demand for large, high-ornamental automobile molds is growing rapidly , all kinds of large mould production had become the new field that many processing enterprises to seek an opportunity for the global competition. What are the main problems of large mold processing?
1. Huge size and weight
      How to deal with its own large size and weight is a challenge for processing enterprises in processing large mold.



2. Acquisition cost
      The most direct cost of processing all kinds of large mold is the cost of the machine tools. The machine tools that can produce large moulds can be quite expensive, especially in the  complex process arrangement , it is necessary to use multiple machine tools to complete the whole process from rough machining to finish machining.Such high input cost is also the biggest obstacle for many enterprises to enter this market. 
      The main problems existing in the large mold processing by a certain amount of skills and techniques can also be solved, therefore, as long as we look for the manufacturer,  some problems can be avoided to a certain extent.Manufacturers should also continue to innovate and to absorb advanced technology so that produce the precision mold components products that satisfy our customers.

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