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About the overseas market of stamping mold parts
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      Relative to the domestic downturn in the machine tool industry, the development achievement of precision stamping mold parts in the industry is better,meanwhile, the performance of YIZE's overseas market of stamping mold parts is impeccable, come to see it!

      At present, the construction of industrial clusters all over the country continues to accelerate, and while developing the traditional market, they are developing new markets and raising the level of the industry. Yi Ze not only pay attention to the development of precision stamping parts and components overseas market, in the past the excellent traditional market has retained.



      According to the development of LED industry, the development of rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy, aviation universe, automobile lightweight and other fields have been further accelerated. The level of China's mold parts and components industry has been greatly improved.

      Thanks to these main factors, there is a obvious effect about the opening of overseas market of stamping parts.According to statistics, China's precision metal stamping mold parts that were developed to 170 countries and regions,which has achieved brilliant results.

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