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Japanese customers visited YIZE MOULD
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Today,the Japanese customers have visited the YIZE MOULD,and have understood more about us.


Nowadays,the mold industry develops constantlym,meanwhile,YIZE also keeps pace with the times,and develops continuously in innovation,strives to improve product quality and customer satisfaction.The following picture is the discussion of cooperation intention between customer and relevant responsible person,the site inspection of product quality,machinery and equipment,production capacity.



The relevant responsible person of YIZE MOULD introduced the production operation mode of YIZE and characteristics of enterprise culture to customers.


The progress of an enterprise depends not only on its own continuous improvement, but also on the recommendation of the industry. One embodiment of today is also one of the customers to visit, customers in the investigation and put forward their own questions and concerns about the place for us, and we based on the doubt customers continue to improve, further to obtain customer trust, and reach agreement with the customer.



Yi Ze mold has more than ten years of professional experience in mold production, professional production and processing of a variety of mould components of auto connector mold parts, computer connector mould components, LED mould components, semi-conductor assembly, stamping mould components, micro-motor mould components and precision mould.


If you have any needs, please call the YIZE, we will serve you sincerely!


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