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Do you know what the classification of EDM is?
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EDM is the most widely used machining method in the electrical processing industry, accounting for 90% of the industry. But do you know what the classification of EDM is? I'll give you a brief introduction today.


Electrical discharge machining


Due to the tool electrode is different from the mode of relative motion of the workpiece,EDM is roughly classified EDM, wire cutting, EDM, grinding, EDM, EDM synchronous conjugate revolution machining high speed machining and EDM surface strengthening and lettering processing and other six categories.


In the above classification of EDM,the middle line cutting accounted for 60% of EDM,and the EDM processing accounted for 30%.However,with the vigorous development of the electro machining technology,WEDM has become the symbol of the advanced process manufacturing.



EDM technology is an important method for the mold manufacturing,especially in injection mold manufacturing,EDM process can be said to be irreplaceable that plays an important role.The precision injection mold of EDM always occupies the leading position in the processing.

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