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Profile grinding technology in China
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    In the modern aircraft manufacturing industry in China, there are many parts with complex shapes and made from a variety of difficult-to-machine materials, which are difficult to be processed by other mechanical processing methods. At this time, the development of profile grinding technology provides a strong backing for the sustainable development of Chinese industry.


profile grinding technology


    Improving production efficiency is the eternal theme for the development of mechanical manufacturing technology. High efficiency grinding technology is also improving and reaching a new level. Using high speed grinding, slow feed grinding, high efficiency deep grinding and other advanced high-speed and efficient grinding process measures are the general trend of grinding activing development.



    Now, the profile grinding technology has become a dynamic and continuous development technology field like other mechanical processing technology. At the same time, the new progress of other scientific fields, such as material science and computer technology, has injected new connotations for profile grinding technology and expanded application of profile grinding, especially the application of new materials with high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance and high functionality brings many new problems to the grinding process, and promotes the rapid development of profile grinding technology.

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