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Application of graphite electrode in EDM for mold manufacturing
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With the development of high and new technology, the manufacturing technology of graphite materials is constantly improved, and graphite materials that meet the needs of different EDM for mold manufacturing requirements are endless. High-speed graphite milling machine tools have emerged in the market, and the graphite discharge performance of CNC EDM machine has also been improved.


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Today, in Europe, where manufacturing technology is leading, graphite is used in more than 90% of the electrode materials in mold enterprises. Graphite has been widely used as electrode material in aerospace, automobile, household appliances, electronics and other moulds. This remarkable change is attributed to many advantages of graphite electrode, such as high efficiency and high quality EDM for mold manufacturing.


Selection of graphite electrode materials for EDM for mold manufacturing. For graphite materials, the following 4 indicators directly determine its performance:
1.Average particle diameter of materials

2.Bending strength of materials

3.Shore hardness of materials

4.Inherent resistivity of materials


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The new graphite electrode material is worthy of vigorous promotion, and its advantages will gradually be recognized and accepted by the domestic precision mold components manufacturing industry. Correct selection of graphite electrode materials and improvement of related technological links will bring high efficiency, high quality and low cost benefits to mold manufacturing enterprises.

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