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Common methods about polishing of precision mold components
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For small parts such as precision mold components, every processing procedure needs to be careful, otherwise,mold parts may be scrapped. For example, polishing of precision mold components.


How do we make every small mold accessory smooth and beautiful, and how do we make this polishing process? Next, YIZE MOULD will introduce six methods about polishing of precision mold components.


1. Mechanical Polishing
Mechanical polishing is a polishing method to get smooth surface by cutting and plastic deformation of material surface to remove the convex part after polishing.


2. Chemical Polishing
The main advantage of this method is that it can polish complex workpieces without complicated equipment.




3. Electropolishing
Compared with chemical polishing, the effect of cathodic reaction can be eliminated and the effect is better.


4. Ultrasound Polishing
Ultrasound processing has small macro force and will not cause workpiece deformation, but it is difficult to manufacture and install the tooling.


5. Fluid Polishing
Fluid polishing relies on high-speed flow of liquid and abrasive particles to wash the surface of precision mold components to achieve polishing purposes.


6. Magnetic Abrasive Polishing
This method has high processing efficiency, good quality, easy control of processing conditions and good working conditions.


Although polishing of precision mold components is a simple and common processing step, different methods can be selected according to the differences of workpieces in order to achieve good results.

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