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The advantages of China mold and die industry
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    The current global situation shows that, the mode of traditional growth has come to an end. New comparative advantages are emerging, and show a good prospect. What are the advantages of China mold and die industry?
    1.The production factor structure of mold is upgrading, and innovative factors is becoming more and more abundant. Especially, the education degree is increasing, and the professional training of mold is gradually popular. The overall quality of worker troop in mold industry is improving. What’s more, the scale of undergraduate and graduate students is expanding. Knowledge-based human resources advantage begin to emerge.
    2.The organization and management skills of mold enterprise have greatly improved, and  the team of mold entrepreneurs is gradually mature.
    3.The supporting ability of mold technology and mold and die industry has greatly enhanced. The success rate of innovation has increased.
    4.The mold market demand and the demand level is increasing, and diversified market pattern is gradually formed. The advantages of China mold and die industry has translated from low cost and general manufacturing into the “double low advantage” of low cost of research and low-cost complex manufacturing. “Intelligence intensive”, developing countries cannot do it. “Skill labor intensive”, developed countries can't afford to do it. However, the two fields are the broad space that China mold and die industry can make good use of. It is the bright spot of China mold industry and die enterprises into the global leading position.    
   Mold parts manufacturer must know that innovation-driven transformation has been the trend of The Times. Faced with the situation of challenges and opportunities coexisting, what concept and strategy you choose will determine your own future.

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