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The Knowledge of Mold Parts Related Parts
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    Mold parts is indeed very wide. Mold parts are different in various models and various materials. Today we are together to analyze the mold parts related parts. Let us go deeper into learning other more parts of mold parts.
Core pins are also called punch, upper die, male die and blunt needle, etc. And the punch is divided into type A punch, type T punch and alien punch. Blunt needle is the metal parts installed on the stamping die, directly contacting with material. It makes the material deformation and cut material.
    Mold parts related parts also include mold punch. Mold punch generally adopts high speed steel and tungsten steel as the material. And the high speed steel is the most commonly used material. The commonly used include CR12, CR12MOV, asp23, skd11, skd51, skd61, etc.
    The purpose of ejector pin:
    1.In the plastic mold parts, it will break down the product from the mold, which is the most commonly used.
    2.Hard alloy thimble, such as tungsten steel thimble, can be used to pass a long and thin hole.
    3.Ejector pin is assembled on the lathe or grinding machine. It is used to support the workpiece and make the workpiece turn around it's head conical metal rods. But it is completely different with the thimble of plastic mold parts.
    4.Plastic mold thimble can also be used in the mold. It have stable effect.
    Above is the knowledge of mold parts related parts. If you want to know more knowledge of hardware mold parts, you can come our website to learn it. Yize Mould is a professional connector mold parts manufacturer.


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