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Heat treatment of pre hardened steel plastic mold components
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     1. Pre hardened steel is to supply the pre hardened state, generally do not need heat treatment, but sometimes need to change forging, forging die blanks must be heat treated.
     2. Pre hardened steel plastic mold components of pre heat treatment usually uses the spheroidizing annealing to eliminate stress forging, obtain uniform spheroidized pearlite, lower hardness, improve the plasticity, the improvement of the mold blank cutting performance or cold extrusion formability.
     3. The pre hardened pre hardened steel has the advantages of simple process, most of the quenching and tempering after quenching and tempering, tempering sorbite. High temperature tempering temperature range is very wide, can meet all kinds of plastic mold components work requirements. Because of this kind of steel hardenability, quenching can be used when oil cooling, air cooling or nitrate quenching.
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