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What is the use of core pins?
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 As we all known, the application of mold parts is very extensive. The core pins is one of the mold parts of the mold industry. And different types of different materials of the thimble ,its use is completely differen, so what is the use of core pins? Next, Yi Ze for friends analysis about the use of core pins.
  First of all, in the plastic mold, the core pins are separated from the mold, but also the most commonly used.Then, the hard the core pins such as tungsten steel core pins, can be used to pass long thin hole.Nxet, the core pins is also called the top the core pins assembly in a lathe or grinding machine, used to support the workpiece and workpiece to rotate around the head of the conical metal rods, but with plastic mould parts of the thimble is completely different things.Finally, the plastic mold core pins can also be used in the mould, it can play a stabilizing effect, called pin.
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