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What are the main factors of injection molding?
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What are the main factors of injection molding? Today let me answer you! The main factors are the following aspects.
1. Pressure
2. Speed
(1) the numerical setting of the injection speed
(2) control of melt speed
(3) control of locking speed
(4) control of thimble speed
3. Position
(1) control of the injection position
(2) control of melt position
(3) the position control of the unlocking mode
(4) control of the thimble position 



4. Temperature
(1) control of the tube temperature
(2) control of mould temperature
5. Time
(1) control of filling time
(2) thimble extension
(3) core pulling time

The above is the main factor of injection molding,the specific content is in YIZE MOULD website.Injection molding method has the advantages of high production speed,high efficiency,the operation can realize automation,breed of design and the variety of color,the shape can be from simple to complex,the size can from big to small.Besides,the product has the advantages of accurate size,easy replacement and complicated shape,and the injection molding is suitable for a large number of production and molding processing fields such as complex shape products.If you want to learn more about injection mold,pay attention to YIZE MOULD,please.

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