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How to maintain the CNC machining center?
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Proper operation and maintenance of CNC machining center can prevent abnormal wear of machine tools and avoid sudden breakdown of machine tools. So how should we maintain CNC machining center?


How to maintain the CNC machining center?


The maintenance of CNC machining center includes the following aspects:
1.Responsible person for maintenance
a.The operator is responsible for the use, maintenance and basic maintenance of the equipment.
b.The maintenance personnel of the equipment are responsible for the maintenance and necessary maintenance of the equipment.


2.Basic requirements for the use of CNC machining center
a.CNC machining center requires avoiding places with excessive moisture, dust, and corrosive gases.
b.The operating temperature of the equipment is controlled between 15 and 35 degrees.The temperatureof precision processing should be controlled at about 20 degrees, strictly control the temperature fluctuations.



3.The maintenance of daily processing accuracy

4.Daily maintenance

5.Weekly maintenance

6.Monthly maintenance

7.Half-year maintenance

8.Annual professional maintenance or repairs. Note: Professional maintenance or repairs should be performed by a professional engineer or CNC master.


The meticulous maintenance of the machine tool can maintain the long-term stability of the machining accuracy of the machine tool and prolong the service life of the machine tool. This work must be highly valued and implemented by the management level of the factory!

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