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Brief introduction for the process of EDM
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Understanding the processing situation between the electrode and the workpiece in EDM processing is very important for the EDM users. Therefore,the editor of YIZE MOULD brings you the brief introduction for the process of EDM today.


The process of EDM is as follows:
1.The electrodes are near the workpiece surface, and the distance between them is determined by voltage.
2.When the electrolyte becomes plasma, low-voltage electrical energy is transferred from the electrode to the workpiece surface.


process of EDM


3.Because electrons move at both ends of the electrode, extremely high heat energy is generated.
4.As the current flows through the electrode, a hydrogen bubble is generated under the action of electrochemical reaction.
5.During discharge time, the material directly below the energy column will be in molten state.
6.During the rest time, the hydrogen bubbles are imploded and the molten material is discharged from the discharge gap.


7.At the end of the cycle, a cavity is formed on the workpiece due to the removal of the material. The molten metal that is not thrown away is solidified into a recast layer.
8.The dispersed metal is solidified into small round particles and dispersed with copper (carbon) chips on the electrode. No broken bubbles float to the surface. The next discharge cycle begins again.

Above I gave you the brief introduction for the process of EDM.EDM machine tools can cycle 250 thousand times per minute at most, but there is only one cycle at a given time. Once we know the cycle, we can make the EDM service by controlling the pulse and the intermittent.

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