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About the customization of SKD61 precision circular parts
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Dongguan Yize Mould is a professional production platform of plastic mould parts, connector mould parts, tungsten steel parts, precision circular parts and other precision mould parts. Today, Yize will takes you to know about the customization of SKD61 precision circular parts.


First of all, SKD61 is a kind of hot work die steel of Japanese brand, and the brand of China (GB / T 1299-2000) is 4cr5mosi V1, which is the most widely used hot work die steel. SKD61 has good toughness and high temperature fatigue resistance, can withstand temperature fusion, and is suitable for long-term operation at high temperature with good cutting performance and polishing performance. SKD61 is smelted by electric furnace and remelted by electroslag. The steel quality is purer and toughness is better. Therefore, this material is very suitable for precision circular parts customization.


SKD61 precision circular parts


Yize mould Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of customized precision circular parts with EDM processing in Dongguan. It provides a series of SKD61 products, such as SKD61 thimble, SKD61 guide post, SKD61 guide sleeve, SKD61 cylinder, SKD61 punching pin, etc., as well as customized processing of other precision round parts for customers at home and abroad.


In addition to SKD61 material, Yize precision circular parts can also be customized in accordance with international industry standards such as GB, JIS, DIN, AISI, etc. the product has remarkable effect of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which has been recognized and supported by many customers at home and abroad.


2020 precision mold components customization gives us an opportunity, we will wholeheartedly provide you with a satisfactory quality delivery time, please to map and sample customization~


SKD61 precision circular parts


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