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5g era is coming, supply electronic connector mold parts what you need
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5g era has come, and gradually into people's lives. Yize Mould wants to tell you that in 5g era, we can supply electronic connector mold parts what you need.

Compared with the previous cellular mobile network, 5g network has higher data transmission rate, shorter network delay, more node connections and so on, which shows that its related support technology also faces greater challenges. Especially connector mould parts, because 5g network needs new upgraded connector products to support higher transmission rate, and the future connector needs to be more convenient and intelligent, so it also requires that electronic connector mold parts continue to innovate and meet the needs of connector upgrading.


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Therefore, in the 5g era, you must have a manufacturer with rich experience in electronic connector mold parts processing, like Yize mold, and a precision mold parts manufacturer with innovative spirit, who can keep up with the pace of the times.


Technical advantages:

1. The precision of flat grinding can reach 0.001mm, and the grinding angle can reach r0.015. The cumulative tolerance of 100 pieces can be controlled within 0.01mm

2. The fine copper wire used for wire cutting is up to 0.1mm, and the wire cutting accuracy is up to 0.005mm. The parallelism, perpendicularity and straightness can reach 0.002mm

3.The discharge precision can reach 0.005mm, the discharge angle can reach r0.015, and the discharge finish can reach Ra0.2

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