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The Advanced Equipment of Plastic Mold Components
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  In modern society, the advanced equipment of plastic mold components can improve the quality of the plastic mold components,so to be outstanding in the industry, we buy the world first-class mold processing equipment, including Switzerland Archie Chamfer GF precision mirror surface EDM wire walking, Sadegh, Mitsubishi cnc machine, Mitutoyo three coordinate measuring machine, cnc , EDM machine, Mori Seiki machining center, Fujitsu universal CNC deep hole drilling, new mold products come out, so to  transformation, take the road of sustainable development.Yize mold understand this truth, so that we can win the reputation of old and new customer, involves many areas of automobile, mobile phone, home appliances and medical etc.We are in the automotive interior, car design, car air system precision electronics, auto color and three color injection molding, mold manufacturing, have special skills and rich experience. For a long time, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi Porsche world famous brand car accessories die. Therefore, Yize with  the advanced equipment of plastic mold components can occupy the market and let yize mould become plastic mold components preferential manufacturers .
  In order to continue the development of precision plastic mold components processing, mold products, we spared no expenseand buy a lot of advanced equipment of plastic mold components, laser detection equipment and advanced injection molding machine etc.The efficiency of the machining parts, high reliability and high accuracy requirements, manufacturing to provide absolute security for the mold of large, precision, complex and long life. So we're looking for high quality, favorable precision plastic mold components processing factory.
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