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The development of core pins to go high-end atmosphere line to win t...
article source:  Executive editor:yizemojuma  View:2457  Publish time:2014-04-11
   The development of core pins is the goal of what we are trying to promote  yize mold product development, yize mould to win the development of core pins market, must go high-end atmosphere line can truly achieve the market share.
  In recent years,  yize mould with high-end atmosphere line is to mould enterprise development path, the demand of the market and the development of core pins also prompted the core pins and plastic mold parts should also focus on developing. The key mold enterprise in our country, according to media to nearly 110, core pins industry development in our country is not so ideal, high-end core pins development manufacturing enterprise technical level is not up to standard, technical innovation ability is low, the new mould research and development ability is insufficient and so on a series of reasons for this are restricts the core pins industry development in our country, can lead to the development of core pins companies cannot produce match the high-end market of the mold, the domestic high-end mold enterprise occasionally because of insufficient production load, have to change the original market positioning to preempt the medium and low-end market.
   So yize think of the development of  core pins industry , must go high-end atmosphere line, quality, service is everything, yize mould is specialized in the core pins, core pins manufacturers, do a good job in the related and the requirements for accuracy and life of the company , which has the need to use under the core pins and custom core pins  can understand.
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