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Mold Components Machning
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  Mold components machning is always wanting to improve the overall level of mold components,  representative of the products of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and the power mold enterprises production enterprises with intelligent die, will support Chinese high-end equipment manufacturing areas such as the rapid development of mold components machning. Compared with the traditional mold, intelligent mold with high technical content, high value-added products, long service life, wide application range, advantages such as large market space. The development of intelligent mold, although the amount is not much, but it represents the new development direction of mold industry level of production technology, will play an increasingly important role in the transformation of industry structure adjustment and development mode.
  The development of mold components machning and the development of other industries in China, but also can see the level of mold industry production in China , but in today rapid economic development, Yize mold production industry level also in the development with the production level of our mold components machning and grow up fast

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