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Precision Mold Parts Manufacture--Yize
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   Dongguan Yize Mold Co., Ltd. is located in the supermold Changan Town,Dongguan city ,Guangdong province. It is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of difficult and complicated mold parts manufacturer. The designers uses CAD, CAM technology to complete the mold design. We have CNC machine, three coordinate measuring system and various machine 30 sets, the plant has more than 1000 square meters, total fixed assets of about RMB 5million.Annual production capacity of more than RMB800 million. In recent years, realize the output value one thousand million. The export rate is extremely high, many overseas customers are direct customized mold parts products, because price concessions, and it is the direct manufacturers, so many customers and we are signing a long-term cooperative relationship, this also is more than other traders advantage.
   Dongguan Yize mold manufactures high precision mold parts , needing to achieve high precision mold parts manufacture are always very sad, could not find a good precision mold parts manufacturers. Dongguan Yize mold products mainly include: precision mold parts, precision connector mold parts, plastic mold spare parts, and other precision molds parts. It can make your circle of personal customization, mark your personal, representative mould parts. Of these, we can meet your satisfaction.
    Dongguan Yize mold parts are widely used in automobile, tractor, motor, machine tools, textile machinery, valves, pumps and other shipping industry. We always adhere to the "customer-oriented, innovation in science and technology as the means, management and upgrading of product quality assurance, to provide customers with zero defect quality products service quality policy", reasonable price, prompt delivery.

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