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Analysis of Mold Parts Maintenance Skills
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    The preventive maintenance of mold parts play a crucial role in the service life of mold. Each injection molding position for annual maintenance program depends on the different molding cycle. Here are some mold parts maintenance skills.
    First, look over the scattered hole to see if there is a warning of rust or damp phenomenon. If you find rust or damp phenomenon near the hot runner vent, that means the internal condensation, or pipes may burst. Damp phenomenon could cause short circuit, which will be fatal to the heater. If the machine is not all year-round operation and need to shut down in the evening or weekend, it increases the chance of the condensation phenomenon.
    Second, remember to remind operators not to clean the the hot mouth in the gate. If the operator happened to see there is a piece of stainless steel in the mold gate, it may be a point gate component. Cleaning up this seemingly obstructive things often destroy the hot mouth. In order not to destroy the hot mouth, please confirm the mouth type of hot runner system before taking action, and ensure all operators are well-trained and able to identify different types of mouth.
    Third, lubricating maintenance. For all year-round operation of the machine, the work should be conducted once a week. And it is a good time at the end of the year to do a routine lubricating maintenance for these mold parts.
Fourth, alternately verify the resistance of the heater. If there is a float of 10%, you should consider to replace the heater. In order to make sure it won't break down at the critical moment of production process.
    Fifth, check the guide pin and guide suites for signs of wear and tear. If the trace is just emerging, so you can add lubricant to guide pillar and guide bush to prolong its life. If the wear is very serious,it should be replaced by the new parts. This is one of the most important mold parts maintenance skills.
    Next, check the current situation.
    At last, clean the thimble. Recommend to get a good cleaning with mold cleaning agents every 6 to 12 months. After cleaning, coat with a layer of lubricant on the thimble to prevent this from scratch or break.
    Above is the mold parts maintenance skills analyzed by Yize Mould. Do mold parts maintenance well can prolong the service life of mold parts, also can improve the use efficiency.
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