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The development trend of auto die casting parts industry
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In recent years, automobile industry is developing with high speed, which drive the development of auto die casting parts industry. Along with the continuous improvement of automobile industry development level in our country, the quality and performance requirements of automobile die casting parts are higher and higher. But China's current level of automobile die casting components industry is difficult to meet the requirements of automobile industry development. Therefore, under the circumstances of auto die casting parts industry rising in the future, the industry will have a very large market space.
At the Shanghai international auto parts fair, die casting parts enterprises of our country mainly show some relatively low-end parts, such as large material-wasted aluminum wheels, wheels, bearings, etc. The scene hardly meet those products that produced by the enterprises of our country. We are still in a weak position in the field of high-tech parts and electronic components.
In the meantime, China’s auto market has reached 23.83 million cars in 2003, and auto parts production value has reached 387.5 billion yuan, which also highlights the development of China’s auto mold parts industry. It doesn't include automotive engine and accessories produced by car parts factory. In July 2012, car ownership in China has reached 114 million. The output value of auto die casting parts over one trillion is not a problem yet. In the future, automobile die casting parts industry our country will promote the product performance, will be able to produce some high-tech components which are impossible to produce at the moment, and there will be a greater market potential for mining.
The professional of Yize Mould deem that China's auto die casting parts industry will develop better and better and fast move towards the international market  in the next few years.


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