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The knowledge that you need to know when ordering precision mold parts
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    Nowadays, the market competition is intense. Whatever industry you do would have a lot of rivals. So does precision mold parts industry. A lot of friends know nothing at the time of ordering precision mold parts, so it is quite possible to buy something not suitable. Today we mainly talk about the knowledge that you need to know when ordering precision mold parts. In fact, before ordering, you need to consider a lot of problems. For example, whether the product has a metric and imperial dimensions on a global scale. And, for a supplier, the standard thing may be not standard for another supplier. Therefore, when you purchase precision mold parts, you must communicate with the precision mold parts suppliers about the following questions: the global replaceability, the stability and traceability of product quality, the compatibility of mold parts, the range of products, the source of materials, the effectiveness of the non-standard accessories, product certification, mold parts maintenance skills, the product price (whether inclede the tax and shipping), and the interchangeability of parts. I will illustrate the following three points in detail.
    1.Simple installation and mold parts maintenance skills: Check whether attach the simple installation instructions. Packaging products should also be marked with some maintenance skills together, such as cleaning, lubricating, disassembling and replacing skills.
    2.the product price (whether inclede the tax and shipping): These mold parts should have the value-added space of market competitiveness, and their material must be genuine.
    3. the interchangeability of parts: After a period of time, you can replace the previous version in time when the supplier's component design has changed.
    For all the above factors, you should consider when ordering precision mold parts.


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