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How to Reduce the Defects of Surface Grinding?
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In the process of surface grinding, we often encounter problems such as surface quality, shape and size not up to standard, stress concentration and so on, which lead to unqualified parts and can not be used. So how can we reduce the defects of surface grinding? Here are some useful experience and techniques.


1. Reasonable use of cooling lubricant, play the three major roles of cooling, washing and lubrication, keep cooling and lubrication clean, so as to control grinding heat within the allowable range, in order to prevent thermal deformation of the workpiece.


2. Reasonable selection and dressing of grinding wheels.


3. Reasonable selection of grinding parameters for surface grinding, and the use of a small radial feed grinding method or even fine grinding.


How to Reduce the Defects of  Surface Grinding?


4. Electrolytic grinding is used to improve the manufacturing accuracy and the quality of mold parts processing.


5. Reduce the quenching stress to the minimum after heat treatment.


6. Elimination of grinding stress.


7. For precision grinding of precise mold parts with dimension tolerance less than 0.01 mm, attention should be paid to the influence of ambient temperature, and constant temperature grinding should be required.


Above is the experience of YIZE MOULD on how to reduce the defects of surface grinding. If you have any questions, please consult us anytime!

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