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Making Precision Connector Is A Big Challenge to Mold Industry
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    Connector as the port for transmitting signals in various industries such as mobile phones, computers, program-controlled exchange, household products and other fields has been widely used. At present, foreign companies is the main manufacturer of the high-level connector market, Chinese manufacturers still dominated the low-level which was due to the connector mold industry levels. Because the connector mold industry involves injection mold, terminal stamping, plating, etc. Yize specialized in precision  connector mold parts,products include mobile phone SIM card terminal mold, the computer CPU socket STOCK terminal mold, electrical terminals mold.

    In the connector terminal mold market, Chinese manufacturers mainly market in the low-level, while Yize mainly for high-level. Yize is the long-term supplier to famous connector brand such as Tyco,JST,JAE.

  Making connectors has demanding requirement in mold manufacturing.Firstly,  need to have high levels of mold design, because of different shapes terminals, connectors have different structures, how to conduct design is very important. If the structure is irrational may cause production failure . Secondly, high-precision equipment, connectors, terminals requires high precision processing equipment, foreign equipment precision can reach ± 0.002 mm and generally speaking domestic equipment can reach ± 0.01mm. Third,need to have a good basis for machining process. A good quality connector mold need to be perfect combination of three aspect good design, equipment, technology. At the same time, which require a higher ancillary equipment, technical level is relatively high.Yize adopt advanced CNC surface grinding machine, automatic optical curve grinding machine, CNC wire cutting machine, machining centers and other advanced equipment for production.

  Yize always remain 2 advantages : firstly, ongoing equipment investment, due to the advanced equipment in order to introduce the highest level of process, technology, and research innovation. The second is to training more and more skillful worker to improve Yize technical standards.

  In addition to the connector terminal mold parts,Yize’s plastic mold parts, tungsten steel mold parts, LED mould components, round mold parts are also popular in the market. Yize planned to become the top 5 mold manufacturer in Chinese in five years. And after 10-15 years, consistent with the world advanced level.

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