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What are the processing methods of the Non-standard round parts ?
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Last time the editor shared the processing related details about the Non-standard round parts processing. We know that there are inner circle processing methods and outer circle processing methods in the processing of round parts. So what are the processing methods of the Non-standard round parts processing in the round part processing customization?

It is usually processed by drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, grinding, drawing, grinding, and rolling holes.

1. Drilling and boring are the drilling of solid materials. Through the selection of different drilling tools, the processing movement is carried out on the drilling machine.
2. Reaming is a rotary motion in a solid material, and a drilling tool performs a linear motion

 the Non-standard round parts processing

3. The broaching is different from the above-mentioned drilling tools. It uses a multi-blade tool to process solid materials in a combined machining center.
4. Grinding holes are processed for high-precision and hardened workpieces. The basic processing methods are internal grinding, centerless grinding and planetary grinding.

The above is a summary of the editor's summary of the characteristics of the Non-standard round parts processing method in the custom round processing.

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