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Why polish the tungsten carbide mold parts?
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Take the polishing of tungsten steel punches as an example, whether polish the tungsten carbide mold parts effect is good or not. How to judge whether the products made are qualified?Polishing technology can be seen everywhere in our lives, but many people don’t know why molds should be polished, and some customers even require mirror polishing of molds.

First of all, after polish the tungsten carbide mold parts, it can make the surface of the workpiece smooth and reduce the defect rate. Secondly, it can save production costs,Conducive to improving the core competitiveness of tungsten carbide mold parts manufacturers


polish the tungsten carbide mold parts


The most important thing is that the mold can be quickly demolded during the mold on the machine, which improves the production efficiency of the business. So how can polish the tungsten carbide mold parts have a mirror surface?

1. The first step is to polish away the coarse texture produced during the processing of the tungsten steel punch with an oilstone
2. The second step is sanding with fine sandpaper
3. Use polishing paste or abrasive paste for fine polishing in the last step

Polishing must of course use a high-speed rotating polishing wheel, the general circumferential speed is above 20 m/s when the polishing wheel is pressed against the workpiece, the abrasive will produce rolling and micro-cutting on the surface of the workpiece, and finally obtain a bright machined surface with a rough surface. The degree is generally up to Ra 0.63 ~ 0.01 microns.

Yize Mould has more than 10 years of experience in the polishing process to ensure that the mold polishing can meet the needs of customers.

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