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The Characteristics of Precision Mould Parts Manufacturing
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   Dongguan Yize Mould Co.,Ltd. specialize in custom precision mould parts for over ten years,Yize have a number of advanced equipments and experienced workers in which to guarantee the quality of precision mould parts.


   Precision mould parts is a special parts use in mould, the manufacturing of precision mould parts have some characteristics different from general machining.Generally speaking,precision mould parts manufacturing is more difficult.The characteristics of precision mould parts manufacturing,as following:


    For shorten production time,the same processing for producing precision mould parts will arrange together.The requirement of precision mould parts manufacturing is very high,generally speaking,the tolerance of precision mould parts must reach to ±0.01mm,some even required to achieve micron.The material of producing precision mould parts must have high hardness,we usually use tool steel or carbide etc.


   Looking for a good reputation Chinese manufacturer to custom precision mould parts,Yize Mould is your best choice!

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