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The work environment of mold parts polishing
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    What kind of work environment that mold parts polishing need to work in? Today I will analyze its work environment for you. When polishing the mold parts, everyone need to prepare work plan and good preparation in advance. That can better to polish mold parts.
    Polishing process of mold parts should be separated in two workplace to complete, that is, coarse grinding processing site and fine polishing processing site. And you should pay attention to cleaning the sand on the surface of workpiece. Generally from using oil stone to 1200 # sandpaper  after the completion of the coarse polishing, polishing workpiece need to transfer to the clean room to polish, in order to make sure that no dust particles in the air sticking in the mold surface. Accuracy requirement above 1 microns (including 1 microns) can be polished in the clean polishing room. But a more precise polishing require in an absolute clean space, because dust, Smog, dandruff and saliva foam are likrly to scrap the high precision polishing surface.
    After completing mold parts polishing, the workpiece surface should do dustproof protection measure. When the polishing process stops, all abrasives and lubricant should be carefully removed to ensure the workpiece surface clean. Then the workpiece surface should be sprayed a layer of mold antirust coating. Yize Mould is a professional mold components machining factory. The work environment of mold parts polishing is very good in our factory. And our polishing methods are various. So you may rest assured to purchase our mold parts. 

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