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The notices of precision mold components polishing
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    Friends, are you ready to follow me to learn the notices of precision mold components polishing? It is mainly manifested in two types. I hope this article can make everybody more clear about the notices of precision mold components polishing in the later work, and can prepare the commonly used tools of mold parts polishing in time, improve the work efficiency.
    1.The notices of mold sand paper burnish and oilstone grinding
    A. For high-hardness mold parts surface, it can only use the clean and soft abrasive grinding tools.
    B.When it transforms to the sand level in the grinding, the workpiece and the operator's hands must be clean, avoiding to bring the coarse sand to the next level finer grinding operation.
    C. When making every grinding process, the sand paper should be burnished from the different 45°direction to eliminate the sand grain at the next higher level. After clearing the sand grain, the grinding time must be prolonged 25%. Then, transform it to the next finer sand.
    D.When grinding, transformation in different directions can avoid artifacts to generate uneven waves.
    2.The notices of diamond grinding and polishing
    Diamond grinding and polishing must be carried out under the lighter pressure, especially when polishing the pre hardened steel and polishing with fine grinding paste. When using the 8000 # grinding paste, the commonly used load is 100 ~ 200 g/cm2. But it is very difficult to keep the loading precision. When using the diamond grinding and polishing, it not only asks the work surface be clean, but also operator's hands must be very clean.
    Above are the two types of the notices of precision mold components polishing. If you are interested in mold parts polishing, you can pay attention to our other articles.
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