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Control in the process of precision mold parts processing
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    With the development of mold parts processing industry, precision mold parts processing have also been favored. Today, let us discuss how control in the process of precision mold parts processing, which will help us do a better job in precision processing. Through the control of the machining process, to achieve the best effect and efficiency is our focus.
    1.Mold parts heat treatment
    To obtain the required heat treatment hardness of mold parts, it is necessary to control the heat-treatment internal stress, which makes the size tolerance and form and location tolerance remain stable after processing. In view of the different material parts, they have different ways of heat treatment.
    2.Mold parts electric machining
    The modern mold enterprise almost has no shortage of electric machining. Because electric machining can effectively process various of special shape, cavity and high hardness parts, it has become an indispensable processing means of mold manufacturing and metal processing industries.
    3.Mold parts surface treatment
    The content of the molding surface treatment include steel surfaces without porosity, uniform hardness, small anisotropy characteristic difference and low inclusion. So at the end of the processing,it is necessary to do the surface strengthening for precision mold parts. We should get rid of the hidden trouble of processing through mechanical polishing, bench grinding and polishing.
    4.Mold parts grinding
    There are three main types used for grinding processing: surface grinder, internal and external circular grinding machine and tool grinding machine tools.
    In conclusion, mold parts manufacturer focusing on controlling in the process of precision mold parts processing is the long-term effective way of survival and development.

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