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Electrical Discharge Machining of Custom Precision Mold Parts
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    With the development of economy and social demand growth, the complicated custom precision mold parts and precision mold parts with special technical requirements are also more and more. As a consequence, the new mold materials with high melting point, high hardness, high strength and high toughness are constantly emerging, and the traditional mechanical machining cannot meet the requirements any more. So far, there have been a series of advanced equipment, which is widely used in various departments of custom precision mold parts processing.
    The electrical discharge machining (abbr. EDM) and mechanical machining are essentially different. It does not require the tool material harder than the workpiece material. Also, it do not need to exert obvious mechanical force in the machining process, but the workpiece machining is directly used by electricity, chemical, light and sound energy. So it can achieve the requirements of a certain shape, size and surface roughness.
    Electrical discharge machining is also called electric spark machining or electrical erosion machining. It includes the electric spark forming machining, electrical discharge wire - cutting, EDM hole, excircle and form grinding, EDM synchronous rotary processing, grinding, EDM surface strengthening and engraving process method, etc. The first two are the commonly used process methods in the custom precision mold parts processing, which are currently the important processing methods of precision mold parts processing molding surface.

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