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The market development of domestic plastic mold parts
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In recent years, the application of plastics is increasingly widespread. This also provides a very broad market for the domestic plastic mold parts. At present, plastic mold account for about 30% in the mold industry, up to 50 ~ 70% of the total in the import and export of the mould. The domestic plastic mold parts has developed rapidly in recent years. On the other side, under the promotion of high technology and  application requirements of pillar industry, plastic mold parts form a huge industry chain. Plastic mould market develop with full of vitality.
It is estimated that, only automobile and motorcycle industry need more than  one hundred million yuan of plastic mold each year, and plastic mould market of color TV is about 2.8 billion yuan a year. It can be known that the overall of mould market is steadily upward. In the future mold market, The development speed of plastic mold parts will be higher than other mold parts, and its proportion will gradually increase in the domestic plastic mold parts industry. Mold manufacturing of our country have many years experience, and mold industry production cycle is higher than international level. But the product level is relatively low.
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