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How to choose mold components material
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     The mold components material not only related to the life of the mold, but also directly affect the manufacturing cost, so it is an important work in the design of mold. In the process of stamping, the mold is impact and continuous work, so that the convex and concave die is subjected to strong pressure and severe friction, working conditions are extremely harsh. Therefore, the choice of mold parts material should follow the following principles:
(1)According to the type of mould and working condition, the material of mold components should meet the requirements, and should have higher strength, hardness, wear resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, etc.;
(2)According to the production of stamping material and stamping parts selection of material;
(3)Meet the processing requirements, should have a good machining process performance, easy cutting, quenching, heat treatment deformation is small;
(4)Meet the economic requirements.
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