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The characteristics of electric discharge machining
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    In the mold processing, the characteristics of electric discharge machining is as follows.
    Electrical discharge machining is a non-contact processing. There is a gap between the tool electrode and the workpiece with a 0.2~0.01mm., and the gap is filled with working fluid.
    There is no macroscopic cutting force during the machining process. When the discharge, the average value of the local instantaneous explosion force is very small, will not make the deformation and displacement of the workpiece.
    Because the EDM machining is the use of electric energy and heat energy on the processing of metal materials, has nothing to do with the strength and hardness of the material, soft electrode can be used to process hard workpiece.
    Can process any metal materials and conductive materials that are difficult to be processed. Machinability of materials depends on the conductivity and thermal properties of the material, such as melting point, boiling point, specific heat, thermal conductivity and resistivity. Has nothing to do with the mechanical property of the material. This can break the limit of traditional cutting tools.
    Can be processed out of the shape of the complex surface. EDM can easily copy the shape of the tool electrode to the workpiece, it is suitable for processing the surface of complex workpiece.
    Special parts can be processed. Can be processed thin-walled, flexible, low stiffness, tiny hole, irregular hole, longhole, and other special parts of the process.
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