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About the application of injection molding
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As we all know, injection molding is widely used in the mold processing industry because of its high productivity and easy automation. What are the specific applications of injection molding? Today, let's take a look at the application of injection molding.


Except for a few thermoplastics (fluoroplastics), almost all thermoplastics can be produced by injection molding. Injection molding is not only used for thermoplastic moulding, but also has been successfully used for thermosetting plastic moulding.


About the application of injection molding


At present, its products account for 20-30% of all plastic products. In order to further expand the scope of injection molding parts, some special injection technologies have been developed, such as precision injection of high precision plastic parts, multi-color injection of composite color plastic parts, sandwich injection of sandwich plastic parts made of different materials inside and outside and injection compression moulding of optical transparent plastic parts.


Above is the knowledge about the application of injection molding. If you have any questions, you can call us for consult.

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