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Brief introduction of EDM equipment
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As we all know, EDM equipment is a kind of machine tool which uses the principle of EDM to etch metal surface. Today I'm going to give you a brief introduction about EDM equipment.


Structure composition and function of EDM equipment
The machine tool body of EDM equipment includes bed, column, axle head and worktable. It is mainly used to realize clamping and adjustment of tools and workpieces.


EDM equipment in YIZE MOULD


EDM equipment in YIZE MOULD

Analysis of EDM equipment
The machine tool body should have enough stiffness to prevent the change of discharge gap caused by the deformation of the machine tool itself in the process of processing, which makes the processing impossible. In the process of EDM, tool electrodes and workpieces are immersed in working fluid.


The main function of working fluid is to compress the spark channel during discharge, so that the current can be concentrated in a small part of the discharge. After discharge, the ionization can be eliminated in time, and the insulation state can be restored to prevent arcing. Working fluid can also cool tools and workpieces.


In order to discharge the corrosion products from the gap between electrodes in time, EDM equipment is equipped with working fluid circulation system, which uses the forced circulation of working fluid to complete this work.

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