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Welcome new colleagues for creating a better future
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The positive development and intellectual contribution of new employees in enterprises are indispensable to maintain the vitality of enterprises and meet the increasingly severe competition needs. Your joining has injected new blood into the company and added new hope. Once again, we welcome our new colleagues to become a full member.



At the same time, the company also hopes that every employee can play your own role, do your best, maintain a high degree of enthusiasm for learning, learn from the processing site, from the older employees, and from the work itself, so as to quickly complete the transformation of your role and grasp the basic working skills.



It is a kind of fate that we are fortunate to be together in the big family of Yize. Although, at present, we are in the background of economic downturn, I believe that as long as we work together, we will be able to create a better future!

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