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The appearance of EDM
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Today let's talk about the appearance of EDM.


With the development of industrial production and the widespread use of all kinds of new materials and complex crafts, there were more and more workpieces with various complex structures and special technological requirements, which amde traditional machining methods unable to process or difficult to process.


Therefore, in addition to further developing and improving the mechanical processing method, people also strive to find new processing methods. Electrical discharge machining can meet the needs of production development and show many excellent performances in application. Therefore, it has been rapidly  developed and widely used.


appearance of EDM


The appearance of EDM the process of industrial production and promotes the development of social economy. It can reform the structure of workpiece, simplify the processing technology, improve the service life of workpiece, and reduce the labor intensity of workers.


Above all, I introduced to you the related knowledge about appearance of EDM, more exciting content, please continue follow YIZE MOULD!

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