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A Brief Introduction to the Knowledge of CNC Processing
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In the mold processing factory, the CNC machining center is mainly used for mold key parts such as mold cores and inserts, and copper and other processing. The following is a brief introduction to knowledge of CNC processing.


Precautions before CNC machining:
1) For the new model, the processing drawing should meet the requirements, and the data is clear; the processing drawing of the new model must have the signature of the supervisor, and the columns of the processing drawing are filled out.


2) The workpiece has a qualified mark for the quality department.


3) After receiving the program list, check whether the workpiece reference position is consistent with the drawing reference position.




4) Look at each requirement on the program sheet to confirm that the program and drawing requirements are consistent. If there is a problem, you must solve the problem together with the programmer and the CNC processing technician team.


5) According to the material and size of the workpiece, judge the rationality of the tool used by the programmer to open the rough or light knife program. If the tool is found to be unreasonable, the programmer should be notified immediately to make corresponding changes, in order to improve the processing efficiency and workpiece machining accuracy.


The above precautions are part of the knowledge of CNC machining. YIZE MOULD has more than ten years of experience in CNC machining, and has a deep accumulation in specific projects such as precision parts machining and automation equipment parts machining. If you want to know more about knowledge of CNC machining, please contact us!

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