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Key points in connector mold parts production
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To ensure the quality of connector mold parts, the management link is very important. The key points in the connector mold parts production can be started from the following aspects:

1. Effective management of product data and drawings and documents
Effective product data management, process data management and drawing document management can ensure the comprehensiveness of documents and the consistency of drawing versions, so that drawings can be effectively shared and effectively queried and utilized.




2. Keep the data consistency and integrity of die drawings, connector mold parts machining technology and objects

3. The design and manufacturing cost of each set of dies must be summarized in time.

4. Overall planning

5. Develop a complete and practical management system for connector mold parts production
6. Establishment of quality inspection department and strict standardization of inspection means


According to the process record, effectively linking the quality to the individual can enhance the responsibility of the designer and the operator.

Through the above points for management of connector mold parts production, we can ensure product quality, improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness, and open a new chapter in the mold processing industry.

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