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Dongguan Yize mould provides precision mould parts for medical equipme...
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Recently, the domestic and foreign market demand for medical devices such as protective clothing, masks, etc. has increased dramatically. At the same time, the demand for medical devices with various functions has also increased sharply. In the future, the medical device industry will continue to get a broader development space, and countries around the world will also provide policy support for the medical industry.


Dongguan Yize Mold Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision mould parts, precision plastic mold parts, metal stamping mold parts, connector mold parts, non-standard round parts, tungsten steel parts, etc. Its products are used in precision stamping mold, plastic mold, automobile mold, medical mold, computer connector mold and other factory automation parts Domain, has accumulated rich professional experience in precision mold parts manufacturing, technology, marketing and service, and has been recognized and supported by many customers at home and abroad.


precision mould parts manufacturing


Relying on advanced equipment and processing technology, Yize provides precision mould parts customization for various precision medical machinery such as medical consumables, surgical instruments, medical electronic equipment, etc., which can meet your different procurement needs.


Our precision mould parts products are mainly sold to Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries and regions. We can make, process and test according to the world brand standard according to customers' requirements. And in accordance with GB, JIS, DIN, AISI and other international industry standards. Product accuracy: dimensional tolerance ± 0.001mm, coaxiality within 0.002, true roundness within 0.0015mm, surface roughness Ra0.025, straightness within 300 mm within 0.002.


Yize is willing to work together with you to fight the epidemic! Precision medical machinery mould parts can be customized according to the drawings.Please contact us!


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