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What are the differences between standard and non-standard round parts...
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With the growth of mold market, the cake is bigger, but there are more people sharing the cake. It means that refinement and automation have become a breakthrough for manufacturers, so it requires a more detailed understanding of product knowledge. Here is a question:What are the differences between standard and non-standard round parts? How much do you know?


1. General distinction between standard and non-standard round parts

(1) Generalized standard round parts: mechanical parts (parts) and round parts with clear standards (mainly Chinese national standards (GB), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ANSI / ASME) and other Japanese (JIS), German (DIN) standards are also widely used in the world. Mechanical parts and components with high degree of standardization and strong industry versatility are also called general parts.
(2) Generalized non-standard round parts: those not included in the category of standard parts are non-standard parts.


standard and non-standard round parts


2. Specific products of standard and non-standard round parts:
(1) Standard round parts: including fasteners, connectors, transmission parts, seals, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearings, etc., all have corresponding national standards.
(2) Non standard round parts: strong cross industry versatility, non-standard parts are mainly other accessories that are freely controlled by the enterprise except for the strict national standards and specifications and relevant parameters. There are many kinds of non-standard parts. At present, there is no standard classification. Generally, they are developed independently by enterprises according to the market needs and their own brand development, extending the vitality of products.

3. Production and procurement of standard and non-standard round parts:
(1) Standard round parts: mass production by specialized manufacturers, short lead time. Use the prescribed drawing method to express. In the design, it is usually selected according to the standard, and there is no need to draw a separate part drawing.
(2) Non-standard round mold parts: when purchasing non-standard parts, the Demander shall generally provide design input such as technical specifications, drawings and samples, and the supplier shall evaluate the implementation difficulty of non-standard round parts and preliminarily estimate the cost, batch, production cycle, etc. of non-standard parts.


Generally speaking, the cost of non-standard parts will be higher than that of standard parts, and the lead time will be longer. Purchasing standard round parts and non-standard round parts choose Dongguan Yize mould.


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