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Trade salesman
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Job responsibilities:

1, the implementation of the company trade business, the trade rules, to open up the market;

2, responsible for customer contact and prepare quotation, in business negotiations, the signing of the contract;

3, responsible for the documentary, settlement, after sale service work;

4, expand and maintain customer;

5, business related information collation and archiving;

6, the relevant work.




1 college or above, international trade, business English related majors (female);

2 good command of English, CET 4 or above, and foreign barrier-free communication (including written, oral and electronic commerce etc.);

3 familiar with the trade operation flow and related laws and regulations, with trade knowledge; operating experience is preferred;

4 good computer skill, familiar electronic commerce, foreign language English communication skills;

5 has excellent business development ability, social ability and the strain capacity, strong responsibility, team spirit and ability to work independently, pioneering and innovation.


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