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About the quality tungsten carbide mold parts
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      What can be called the quality tungsten carbide mold parts?We know that tungsten carbide is mainly used in the production of cemented carbide, and it is widely used in metal cutting tools, mines and geological drill insert, tensile stamping mold, wear,corrosion preventive parts and so on.
      In general,quality tungsten carbide mold parts should have a series of
excellent performance of high hardness, high wear resistance, high strength,good toughness,heat resistance,abrasion performance and so on.Especially it's high hardness and wear resistance,because it stays the same at 500 degrees centigrade, and still has a high hardness at 1000 degrees centigrade.


      With the development of downstream industries, the demand for cemented carbide market has been increasing.Meanwhile,the manufacture of high-tech equipment,the progress in cutting-edge science and technology and the rapid development of nuclear power source in the future will greatly increase the demand for tungsten carbide mold parts processing with high technological content and high quality stability.

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